Thank you for visiting my blog, and welcome to my amazing network of family and friends!

I created this blog for three purposes: to be a portal for the various facets of my life- to keep everything in one convenient location; to provide my network with an easy way to keep in touch with me;  and to maintain a healthy presence online as a young female creative entering the marketing world.

Firstly, you might want to know a bit about me: I am studying a Bachelor of Business (Advanced Leadership and Marketing) at Flinders University, South Australia. I describe myself as a progressive, a feminist, a natural leader, a lover of dumplings, and the Oxford Comma. In 2016 I graduated from Flinders with a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Management), and couldn’t bear to leave the place, apparently.

These days, we live in a 24-hour media cycle. We can struggle to switch off, and can easily become overwhelmed with all of the notifications on multiple applications and devices. Pair that with our everyday work life, commuting, volunteering, managing the home, maintaining relationships, and somewhere in there we have to find time to relax also… It’s ridiculous! I’ve found social media can be a valuable tool to help us manage our lifestyles, but can easily become another chore if mismanaged.

Therefore, I wanted to create this blog to assemble my personal social media presence all in one great location. I intend to post daily updates (as I would usually through Facebook, Instagram, etc) of my happenings and ventures and to communicate this with my network, which now includes you 🙂


*This blog is my commentary for issues, current events, and my experiences. All opinions expressed are solely my own*